Human Safety through Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker


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Human Safety through Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Introduction Most of them would have experienced an electric shock it is the sudden discharge of the electricity through any part of the body. In an electric circuit if any current leaks from electrical equipment due to insulation failure must be detected and protected properly otherwise it may give rise to electrical shock if anyone comes in contact with this particular equipment. Further failure to prevent may cause sparking flashovers deterioration of earthing and finally resulting into disastrous fires which destroys the equipments gadgets and precious lives. Earth Leakage Current if unprotected can give rise to energy losses. This is when we need to detect earth leakage current before they cross the set threshold limits and detach the circuit in the event of leakages. Conventional over current and short circuit protection device are not designed to detect the earth leakage currents. Figure 1: NBM Media Earth Leakage Relay An Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCB detects the earth leakage current and makes the power supply off by opening the associated circuit breaker. Voltage ELCB and current ELCB are the two types of earth leakage circuit breaker. Conventional ELR works with the settings through the potentiometers / DIP switches and whenever it crosses the set limit it trips. These kinds of relays are not accurate and will malfunction. The relay is supplied by means of a current

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transformer through which the earth conductor passes. Earth Leakage Relays with Core Balance Current Transformer are used to detect the leakage current in an electrical power system. ElMeasure intelligent Earth Leakage Relay ElMeasure’s Earth Leakage Relay is an advanced microcontroller designed product. It has the competency to sense the earth leakage current before they cross the threshold limit and trips the supply instantly. By doing this reliable protection and safety operation can be achieved at higher levels along with improved savings. ElMeasure’s commitment to provide high quality products with sustainable savings is being achieved through the implementation of various solution and products in energy management system. The iELR is launched to save expensive equipments from electrical shocks and prevent them from damage. It consists of 4-digit 7 segments RED bright digital display which is very unique as compared to conventional ELRs. Features: • Programmable trip current trip time • Continuous leakage current display • Inverse curve trip time for faster tripping • Wide CBCT range for accurate sensing of leakage current • Wide input range 300mA to 12A trip time programmable from 300ms to 30sec • Clearance and creepage distance meets UL 508 Safety standard • Manual test and Reset Keys • RS485 communication option Applications iELR can be used highly robust industries. They are: Mining Cement Petroleum and Oil refineries Steel Shipping Paper and Pulping UPS Inverters Drives

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