How Effective is Packaging Labels As An Effective Communication Tool


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This article gives an overall view of various packaging labels and labels effective communication about the product to the consumers.


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How Effective is Packaging Labels As An Effective Communication Tool? When a consumer or customer buy a product what he sees is the physical look which is packaging and labels provide the information giving part of the product. Packaging is an important tool in marketing which makes consumers take note of the product. Then the consumers are converted into buyers by packaging labels. The role of packaging and packaging labels are very high in marketing. Labels ensure the attention of the consumers and provide details about the product. Packaging and labels provide information like usage, precaution in transport, effective disposal of the product. Labels are enclosed to the product and part of the packaging, provide date of production, expiry date, ingredients of the product.

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Apart from making the product physically safe by packaging, packaging labels play an important role in providing information apart from the consumers to the government department or officials. Food, medical, pharma, chemical products labels provide information which officials need for tracking. Packaging labels carry product information and it aids the customer first in buying the product and helps the customer in using the product better. Labels may include proper care about product usage, recipes using the product and suggestion, nutritional values of ingredients, guarantees if any for the product, name and address of manufacturer, weight details, date of manufacture and expiry, warnings. Packaging labels

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Nutritional packaging labels helps the customer in product information which is specific to the product and note, daily value. The specific to the product include calories, nutrient details, qty per serve. The note will provide daily value for nutrients, sodium, fiber and fat. The daily value usually considers and list where consumption of food is in the range of 2000 calories and above. The label should also reflect any allergic components are there and if so carry all information to help the consumer as per the FDA. The term "natural" in labeling enhance value to the product. FDA ensures no addition of any artificial and synthetic content in the product. Nutritional packaging labels

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Apart from information about the product in writing, symbols are used in packaging labels. The symbols are regulated and uniform both internationally and nationally. For consumer packaging, the symbols exist for trademarks, certifications, purchase proof. Some requirements and symbols exist to communicate aspects of consumer use and safety. The estimated symbol denotes compliance to EU weights and measures laws. Resin code and green dot are symbols used for recycling and environment compliance. The packaging labels is subjected to certain laws and labels should carry information regarding warning, nutritional facts about ingredients and usage. This is a must for pharma and foods products to ensure reduce risk and protect consumer health. Symbols are used in packaging labels

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