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RDS Flooring are the leading flooring solutions company with specialization in wooden flooring, carpet fitting, acoustic flooring and office carpets. We have wide experience in fitting as well as supply of all kinds of flooring for both commercial and domestic purposes.


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RDS Flooring – Wooden flooring:

RDS Flooring – Wooden flooring RDS Flooring is an Oxford based company, supplying and fitting wood, wood flooring, and carpets since 1982. Our team comprises of professional experts and we have extensive experience in the supply & fitting of all types of flooring in both residential and commercial properties.

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Benefits Wooden Flooring Caters To The home To Make It More Appealing Home improvement has seen some sweeping changes in the recent years. There has been a considerable change in the design and the décor of the house. One such change that has been widely accepted by the people is the introduction of wooden flooring for their home improvement. Nothing is more appealing to the eye than watching the warm and soft glow of wooden flooring. It can enhance the look of every room in the household. Such a flooring in the kitchen gives a stupendous look as it blends beautifully with the kitchen decor. Despite the advantages this kind of flooring has to offer to the people, many would still despise it instantly. In the earlier times, there were many apprehensions people had with regard to installing wooden floors in their house. Some have never held any truth in them whereas those which were true are not true anymore. There were many misconceptions per se the wooden flooring that has changed a lot, thus making it a popular choice among the people.

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Whether The Maintenance Of Wooden Flooring Is Difficult? Maintenance of the wooden floor would have been difficult in the former times. But in the present era, it is no longer a problem. You can keep your floor clean off dust particles by sweeping and vacuuming. It is the easiest to clean a wooden floor. Keeping your floor shiny at all times requires regular polishing. An industrial powered sander can prove to be helpful for floors that lack lustre. The quality of the wood flooring in the present era is furnished with top coating. But at times, you do not require a refinished top coating wooden floor.

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Whether Wooden Floor Is Detrimental To Your Health And The Environment? This myth has been attached to these kinds of flooring since time. But as said earlier, it was not true then, it is not true now. It is a well known fact that wood hail from trees and in the recent past, the trees have been cut down to the verge of extinction. As they say ‘little knowledge is dangerous’. The fact is, fifty years ago the extent of standing timber could be less in number but in the present times, there are forests specially grown for the purpose of providing you with wooden floors. This is the only kind of flooring that can be re-grown. These forests are carefully maintained to cater to the needs of the people. The wooden floor can be safely said to be healthier than an area rug. Carpets carry more bacteria than there is on the wooden flooring. The problem of dust, mites, moulds and toxins that people gather everyday on their clothes easily dwell on the carpet. You can easily sweep the dust containing these germs from the floor. A floor, regardless what substance it is made up of is resistant to all contagion.

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Various Options Available With Wooden Flooring These wooden floorings come in custom made designs and styles. You have a plethora of options available to you when it comes to installing a wooden floor to your liking. Whatever you desire for can be easily installed. You can discuss your preferences with the professional and experienced floor installer. They are the right persons to get in touch with for your dream floor. If you prefer the Scandinavian theme, you can paint the boards with white colour. You can get the same effect of wooden flooring with cheap imitations such as laminate tiles. But nothing beats the feeling of having the real thing.

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Whether It Increases The Value Of The Property? Among the several benefits the wooden flooring has to offer to the people, the foremost and the prime is that it enhances the value of the property. Most of the people consider it a good investment as wooden floors increases the re-sale value of the property. It certainly acts as an additional advantage to the homeowners who intend to auction their property consisting wooden flooring. Researching the available options on the net sounds the perfect resolution for the people in areas like Milton Keynes, Oxford etc. You can also look out for discounts offered by various flooring websites. It is time to upgrade yourself to the contemporary flooring style and get off with your old flooring.

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Call us today for more information on wooden or tell us about your flooring needs Century House 100 Gibson Close Abingdon Oxford OX14 1XT Office: 01235 526 936 Mobile: 07802 580 69 www.rds-flooring.co.uk

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