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Top 5 Free Photo Watermark Creator:

Top 5 Free Photo Watermark Creator Reserved by Amacsoft Studio:

Top 1: TSR Watermark Image software (Window):

Top 1: TSR Watermark Image software (Window) It allows you to add text, photo or logo watermarks to photos in batch with ease quickly. If you would like add the watermark to the background, you can set the logo or the text to be approximately transparent, and set it wherever you wish the watermark to be on the image.

Top 2: Alamoon Watermark:

Top 2: Alamoon Watermark This straightforward yet effective software enables you to watermark a large number of photos/images within minutes. This Watermark software can crop and resize image size which you will want, batch rename, adjust image quality, and support many different types of image form.

Top 3: PicMarkr (free online):

Top 3: PicMarkr (free online) Three steps you can add watermark to your image/photo for free. 1) Import photos from Flickr or upload from your computer; 2) Choose 1 of 3 watermark types: Text, Image or Tiled! 3) Get your watermark images instantly. You can upload to Flickr or save to your computer.

Top 4: uMark Lite:

Top 4: uMark Lite uMark is a nifty application for marking images and photos with a copyright text, your company logo or both. And there are choices for size, opacity, font, shadow, and orientation. This software supports batch processing as much as 50 images.

Top 5: waterMark V2:

Top 5: waterMark V2 WaterMark V2 is a versatile free photo watermark creator that lets users add custom watermarks to their images without having a wide range of hassle. You will find multiple selections for image output; images could be stored in their original format or as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF files.

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Additionally, many beautiful photos can be used to make a meaningful slideshow, even a photo DVD slideshow. Photo Slideshow Maker Mac is the right tool for better preserving and sharing your photos. Related Articles: How to Make Slideshow in iPhoto Source: Enjoy!

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