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Juniper JN0-102 Juniper Networks Certified Associate Junos

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Question: 1 The IP address belongs to which class of IP address space A. Class A B. Class B C. Class C D. Class D Answer: A Question: 2 For the interface ge-1/2/3.4 what does "ge" represent A. SONET/SDH B. Gigabit Ethernet C. Aggregated Ethernet D. GRE Answer: B Question: 3 Which word starts a command to display the operational status of a Junos device A. put B. set C. show D. get Answer: C Question: 4 Which command prompt indicates that you are in operational mode A. userrouter B. userrouter C. userrouter

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D. userrouter Answer: D Question: 5 What is the decimal equivalent of 00000100 A. 2 B. 4 C. 9 D. 12 Answer: B Question: 6 What is a valid IPv6 address A. 00:05:85:23:45:67 B. C. 2001:0db8:3000:2215:0000:0000:aaaa:1111 D. 49.0001.0192.0168.1001.00 Answer: C Question: 7 Which simplified IPv6 address is the same as the IP address 2001:0000:1000:0000:0000:cbff:0020:0001/64 A. 2001::1::cbff:2:0001/64 B. 2001::1000::cbff:20:1/64 C. 2001:0:1000::cbff:20:1/64 D. 2001:0:1:0:0:cbff:2:1/64 Answer: C Question: 8

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What are three characteristics of UDP Choose three. A. UDP is faster than TCP. B. UDP operates at the Transport Layer. C. UDP is connection-oriented. D. UDP data is sent best-effort. E. UDP is more reliable than TCP. Answer: ABD Question: 9 Which layer in the OSI model is responsible for translating frames into bits A. Application Layer B. Presentation Layer C. Data Link Layer D. Physical Layer Answer: C Question: 10 Which layer in the TCP/IP model is responsible for delivering packets to their destination A. Application Layer B. Transport Layer C. Internet Layer D. Network Access Layer Answer: C For more info: Juniper JN0-102 Exam Question and Answers

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