What is Dry ice and How it is stored

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What is Dry ice and How it is stored:

What is Dry ice and How it is stored


Dry ice is the name given to the solid form of carbon dioxide(CO2). Dry ice does not melt normal ice into water, instead, it converts into CO2 gas hence it got its name as dry ice. This process is also known as sublimation.


. Dry ice is non-toxic, extremely cold and completely dry, therefore it is commonly used as a cooling agent. It has various uses such as  Dry ice has various uses  like to ship frozen food, ice creams, medical and other cool materials. Dry ice is Pressurized and Cooled until it is formed a liquid form.


 Dry ice can be stored in the insulated boxes which are easily available in any grocery store.


If you are looking to store dry ice at home, you can keep dry ice in a Styrofoam container, such as a cooler. The insulated boxes are ideal for storing the dry ice. The dry ice should not be kept in the home freezer.


Apart, from this dry ice should be handled with very much care. It should not be touched bare hands or without any protective gear. As it can burn your skin causing some dangerous injury. You can find protective gear in the market easily. If you are unable to get the protective gear you can go for the towel or any other cloth too.



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