Understanding the 5 Major Benefits of a Radiator Flush!


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Many vehicles should have a complete radiator service at least once a year. The benefits of a radiator flush that outweigh the cost of paying for radiator repair service. Call us today at 763-441-2889!


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Have Any Question About the Radiator Flush? Contact “ Elk River Tire & Auto ” To Know More About Radiator Services For Your Vehicle! Visit Official Car Shop Website: www.elkrivertireandauto.com Friendly, Honest, Neighborhood Automotive Maintenance & Services All the Time!

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Let’s Discuss With Our Car Technicians By Calling on : 763-441-2889 Radiator Draining only removes about 50% of the total anti-freeze in the system and leaves the majority of contaminants. This also means that the new anti-freeze added to the radiator will just be mixing with the remaining old fluid. This procedure is less costly yet significantly less effective. So, Why Radiator flushing is necessary? Flushing the radiator injects 4 to 5 gallons of anti-freeze through the cooling system which cleans out all of the old anti-freeze and any contaminants that have accumulated in the cooling system. It is a quite cheap process that should be performed every year, or as suggested in your owner's manual. Do You Need to Know What is Radiator Drain & Flush For Your Vehicle?

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You Must Know These 5 Major Benefits of a Radiator Flush! Schedule an Appointment Online at: www.elkrivertireandauto.com Removes Rust and Scale Deposit - A flush eliminating the old anti-freeze helps to remove the corrosion and scale deposits that accumulation over time. This is important since these build-ups can cause temperature or damage to your radiator. Lubricates the Water Pump - Additives in the coolant lubricates the vehicle’s water pump and lengthens its life. Removes Contaminants – The additives in the coolant lose significant anti-corrosive properties over time so the build-up of particles is usual. Check of System – During a radiator flush service, a complete inspection of your cooling system will be conducted, including a air pressure test to inspect for leaks. Protect Against Rust and Foam- The additives in the new anti-freeze will be more effective in preventing rust and other build up of debris, and preventing foaming in the system so it works more proficiently. A Word of Wise: It’s clear why maintaining a vehicle’s cooling system is essential to the overall vehicle maintenance. If neglected, serious damage can take place in the whole engine, not just the water pump. This would be a much more major repair cost over the cost of a simple radiator repair service!

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