3 Reasons You Should Know If Your Car Battery is Bad!


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Is your car battery going bad? Don’t delay to visit your elk river car shop and ask your mechanic for advise on how to know if your car battery is bad. It is wise if quality car battery replacement done as early as possible to keep safe on the roadtrip.


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Choose “ Elk River Tire & Auto ” As Your Trusted Car Battery Shop in Elk River, MN Visit Official Car Shop Website: www.elkrivertireandauto.com Friendly, Honest, Neighborhood Car Maintenance & Services all the Time!

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Let’s Discuss with our Auto Technicians on: 763-441-2889 If you are a driver and noticing any car problems, then you must know some basic things of car batteries that actually needs attention and it is helpful for diagnosing the problem. The car Battery is heart of your vehicle – without it, your car doesn’t have the power to start, move or anything else. The Typical battery is “wet-cell” battery with two terminals on the top or side. It also stores the electrical power produced from alternator whi le your car is running. It also passes the electric power to the engine and other electrical components of your vehicle. Everything You Need to Know About Basic of Car Batteries!

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3 Reasons You Should Know If Your Car Battery is Bad! Request an Appointment Online at: www.elkrivertireandauto.com Your engine cranks but doesn't start. If your engine cranks or turns over when you turn the key, but it won't start, the battery is possibly the culprit. It could be the starter, but possibly not. Even if an ammeter (a device that measures the voltage in the battery) says the battery is good, it can still be a few volts short to start your vehicle efficiently. Your engine doesn’t crank or turn over at all and the lights don’t come on. This circumstances is a major sign that the battery is faulty. It could be a combination issue involving your alternator. Your vehicle accidentally starts one day then doesn’t the next. If starting is an irregular issue, two things are suspect, 1) your battery terminals are loose, broken, corroded, or calcified, or 2) you have something that is drawing electrical power from the battery even when the key is out of the ignition . Before making an evaluation about your battery, inspect the fluid level in your battery as well as the battery cables. If the fluid is low and has been for a while, this will prevent your battery from generating power or holding power. More serious is the battery cable connections. If they are loose, the electrical current in the battery is periodic in traveling from the battery to your vehicle’s auto electrical components.

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