You Must Know 3 Warning Signs of a Bad Radiator!


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If you start noticing any signs of a bad radiator, then call and schedule a radiator service now at Elk River Tire & Auto Shop, so you don't get stranded with a breakdown vehicle


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Choose “ Elk River Tire & Auto ” For Your Trusted Radiator Services in Elk River, MN Visit Official Auto Shop Website : Friendly, Honest, Neighborhood Service all the Time!

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Let’s Discuss with our Auto Technicians on: 763-441-2889 A vehicle breakdown is always regrettable, but it's especially unfortunate during cold winter months. One thing that you can do to prevent breaking down at the bad time that you schedule radiator service. There are some of the most common signs that your radiator is either : Broken Cracked Clogged When Does Your Vehicle Breakdown & How to Prevent it?

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Don’t Forget these 3 Important Warning Signs of a Bad Radiator ! Schedule an Appointment Online at: Overheating : Overheating is a very common warning sign of a radiator going bad. It signify that the coolant cannot get where it needs to go because the radiator is not running properly. It largely Depends on the type of vehicle you have, you may see a warning light. It's more essential to get that car off the road quickly to avoid other car troubles. Coolant Leaks: Generally, Coolant leaks will often take place if something is wrong with your the radiator's system of hoses. You will notice that you are losing coolant, and you may notice the smell of antifreeze. You should Inspect for a tell-tale puddle on the garage floor. Smoking : Smoking is another sign that something is critically wrong with your vehicle. If you have a leak, you may notice that the engine is burning some of the coolant that has dropped out. Smoking out of the tailpipe is particularly not a good sign because it could mean that the head gasket has been damaged . What is Involved in Radiator Maintenance Of Your Vehicle? Generally, Radiator maintenance includes flushing your cooling system, inspecting hoses and looking for leaks. It also often includes a coolant swap. Schedule your radiator service long before you experience signs of a bad radiator & get trapped on the road in the dead of winter.

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