CO2 Fire Extinguisher

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CO2 Fire Extinguisher CO2 Fire extinguisher is identified by “CO2” white color text printed on black rectangle. This too has different type of hose. CO2 Fire Extinguisher Uses Electrical fire and class B fires can be extinguished by carbon dioxide extinguishers they smother the fire by displacing oxygen in air. As they don’t leave any things behind like other type of fire extinguishers they are actually used for workshop/office/ places where electrical fire is possible which may reduce the damage happen to equipment. Co 2

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NOTE: CO2 Fire Extinguisher should not be used for F class fire. The strong jet from the extinguisher will thrust burning fat from the fryer and make the fire spread to its surrounding place. Remember that once carbon dioxide smothers the fire and if the gas has been floated away the fire might re-ignite if the source of fire is not isolated. Only carbon dioxide with frost- free horns on hose should be used. Or else the hand holding the horn might become frozen as the gas becomes colder when it discharges For More Details Visit This Blog: Fire Extinguisher Types and Uses Our Fire and Safety Training Location Fire and Safety Course in Hyderabad

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