How to Build a Healthy Credit Score


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Check your credit report first before seeking out a personal loan, car loan or mortgage. If you found that your credit rating needs improvement, here’s what you can do. More info:


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How to Build a Healthy Credit Score by:


When applying for a loan, everybody wants to get the lowest interest rates.


However, getting the best possible rate will only be possible if you have good to excellent credit.


If you found that your credit rating needs improvement, here’s what you can do .


Remove N egative I nformation Negative information may be the reason for your poor rating. If discover false information, send a dispute letter to the bureau that issued your report.


Do N ot M aximize your C redit L imit Lenders prefer clients who do not use up more than 50% of their credit limit.


Don ’ t C lose O ld A ccounts Closing old accounts is like deleting the oldest parts of your credit history. If your old cards have high interest rate, use it occasionally for small purchases and them off at once to avoid the additional interest and late fees.


Submit P ayments on T ime Timely payment makes up about 35% of your total score so even a single late payment can badly affect your rating.


Avoid submitting multiple applications to different lending companies. When applying for a loan or a new credit card, do not try to submit multiple applications to different lenders. This will only send a negative impression to lenders who may inquire about your report.


Call in advance if you ’ re going to be late. If for some unexpected reason, you cannot submit your payment on time, call your creditor in advance and ask for an extension of your due date.


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