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The Restoration Ranch Project:

The Restoration Ranch Project Start Up Key Points Concept Objective Obtaining Funds Unity of Purpose Trusted Servants Etc.


Objective Create A 30 day - Transitional housing 12 step program. Alleviate long waits for 12 step rehabilitation. Have a recovery Clubhouse for members on site. Host meetings of many kinds daily (AA, NA,CA, ANYA,Alanon, Alatot/teen. Host social events for the recovery community to promote unity. Have classes to help integrate back into society. Through this we hope to have old timers, newcomers, and all those in between can share their experience strength and hope with each other to the benefit of our Community.

Long-term goals:

Long-term goals Be able to expand education, recovery, and unity in the recovery community as well as an outlet for safe entertainment while being self sufficient financially. Set up Recovery Pads, homes with more structure than being on your own but not quite transitional living for those who would benefit from a group home surrounding. Expand to family transitional housing program (example a single parent wanting to quit before state intervention, or reuniting families needing a safe place to learn the principles of picking up the pieces of use, abuse, and dependence. Ultimately to promote healing and recovery to the still suffering.

Skills and Steps:

Skills and Steps Step working will be our main focus for recovery, everything you need is in the book right? We will be utilizing the “Parent” of the A's Alcoholics anonymous for the step working and guides curriculum however, we will have meetings from many other A's as volunteers permit. Skills topics included will be Gardening, Food Health, Finance, Computer Literacy, Dress for Success, Job tutoring, Couponing, Self Sufficiency, Interpersonal relationships, arts and crafts, and possibly many more depending upon our networking capabilities within our community.

The Present Situation:

The Present Situation At this time we are in the planning phase of this enterprise. We are currently writing Bylaws, Articles of incorporation, house rules, guidelines and other necessities needed to form a cohesive whole. We are courting fund-raising options as we believe we should have the funds before we purchase a property however, we do have one in mind (If 55,000 people donate $25 we would exceed our start up budget.) WE NEED YOU! Input during this phase is critical for the survival of the program, we will require a board of trustees, management board, teachers, club manager, and many other brains to complete this project.

Development up to present:

Development up to present Researching Needs and Desires of the recovery community Reaching out for help with the project Researching other bylaws, rules, and other important documents from similar facilities. Have the information to file for a 5013c non profit business. Located the preferred property, however if it is sold before we can kick off we do have alternative ideals for locations.

Potential Alternatives:

Potential Alternatives We believe there are a few local charities that we could support rather than starting from scratch however, they do not seem to have the same platform. We feel and hope you do as well that this business will add to our community in an essential way. Instead of a rehabilitation program we could have clean and sober housing and a club house. We could find another property and just have a club house in which we could have meetings, classes, and entertainment available.

General Fee Structure:

General Fee Structure As this will be a business, although recovery minded we will be separate from 12 step programs to prevent problems of money, property and prestige. These fees are general ideals and may be changed with a group conscience. Residential 30 day Program $500 monthly Transitional Housing Program(6-12 months) $625 monthly Clubhouse/ Camping Membership(CCM) $10 monthly Classes $1.00 for CCM $3.00 non CCM Activities These fees will vary depending on the activity Activities Fee Range $1.00-$20.00 These rates are comparable to other facilities of this kind.


Conclusion In conclusion we would like to thank you for reviewing this material. We encourage ideas and discussion about the Ranch and we hope you would like to volunteer to create this repair shop on the island of misfit toys that we are attempting to create. For more information or to be of service on this project please contact: Elizabeth P. Tony F. (her silent partner in crime) 801-725-3312 801-624-9587 Lisa ???? Please say yes. We are at this time not excepting financial donations pending the completion of our business plan and 5013c application.

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