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Open Hybrid Cloud:

Open Hybrid Cloud The New Digital Force for Businesses

What is Open Hybrid Cloud?:

What is Open Hybrid Cloud? An open hybrid cloud technology facilitates open source development at the same time leveraging benefits of both private and public cloud models. This benefits the global economy by affording higher levels of flexibility . The basic idea of open hybrid cloud lies in interlinking various systems that are independent of the underlying technology. It eliminates the need for acquiring huge storage mediums at the same time providing access to new technology and increased control.

 Who uses Open Hybrid Clouds?:

 Who uses Open Hybrid Clouds ? It all started with the Department of Defense ( DoD ). The program is a hybrid approach employed here. Many military personnels and operators utilize this system which currently provides access to nearly 30,000 customers. This enabled the defense to maintain high security standards at the same time curbing the overall expenditure . Apart from defense, hybrid clouds are hugely being employed through heterogeneous sectors like finance, healthcare, Insurance and retail. Recently many law firms have also started to embrace hybrid architecture for  encrypted offsite storage provision .

Empowering cloud computing by open hybrid clouds:

Empowering cloud computing by open hybrid clouds With growing acceptance and demand for open source, it empowers organizations to reduce binding with vendors. Hybrid clouds leverage business to pay as per their demand evolution. The technology continues to evolve by allowing IT asset utilization in an open hybrid cloud. There is a guarantee for better up gradation as the underlying solution is open source. Another advantage is that application and process can be transferred across private as well as public clouds. Hybrid Cloud


Conclusion On a concluding note, just like any other technology Open hybrid clouds also have their set of benefits and draw backs. Despite this fact, the benefits of this architecture definitely seem to outnumber the draw backs. With continuous global digital evolution, few concerns of hybrid clouds can also be addressed successfully . Do visit our blog for unique cloud solution to build a perfect hybrid cloud -

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