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Activism Project : 

Activism Project Elizabeth Weaver


OUR PURPOSE Julia, Jordon, and I wanted to inform as many people as we could about rape, domestic violence, implied consent, and sexual assault. We feel many men and women do not know the entire definitions, where to find the proper help, and realizing that victims are NOT ALONE.


OUR FLYER We printed 500 flyers, and divided them up between the 3 of us to pass out in various places.


MY PART I typed the brochure up and found out some of the information that is within it. I helped fold the brochures.

MY PART cont.. : 

MY PART cont.. I passed the brochures out by hand, put them on car windshields at the Carnegie Parking Garage and at the Johnson City Medical Center. Also Julia, Jordon, and I went up to Love Your Body Day and placed some on a table our class used.


SETBACKS The rain made it difficult to pass out brochures on cars. That is why we also opted to put on the windshields of cars parked in the parking garage. By passing out brochures, we are unsure if people read them or not. Cant force them.


MY OUTLOOK What I’d Keep the same The concept of our project, and getting information out to the public. My partners, Julia and Jordon. What I’d change The process of getting the brochures out. Check the weather for what days to hand out. Possibly have an online brochure and email it to people. Pass out in different classes.


OVERALL I do believe this project was a success. If this brochure made a difference in one person’s life by informing them and now they know what rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence are and where to seek the proper help.

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