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The best projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience.


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How Projector Screen Works?:

How Projector Screen Works? Choose projector screen when bed-sheets wont work out

What is a projector screen?:

What is a projector screen? A best projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. Projection screens may be permanently installed, as in a movie theater painted on the wall, or portable with tripod or floor rising models as in a conference room or other non-dedicated viewing space. Another popular type of portable screens are inflatable screens for outdoor movie screening.

Types of projector screens:

Types of projector screens ELECTRIC PROJECTOR SCREENS Wall Mounted. Ceiling Mounted. MANUAL PROJECTOR SCREENS FIXED FRAME PROJECTOR SCREENS to p p ortable Movie Screens


ELECTRIC PROJECTOR SCREENS Electric projector screens can be Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Floor Mounted, or Ceiling Recessed(for a concealed in-the-ceiling installation). Electric projector screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control or wall switch. Some Electric projector screens have a simple plug-and-play design, while others like a ceiling recessed screen, require significant installation and most likely the assistance of an electrician . This screens are available in 2 types which are wall mounted or ceiling mounted.


MANUAL PROJECTOR SCREENS Manual projector screens are smaller and less expensive than Electric projector screens. Much like a standard window shade in operation, these models tend to be relatively easy to use and install. Instead of a switch or remote control, manual projector screens extend and retract manually, with the user simply pulling the screen down by hand, locking it in it's desired height. To retract the screen, pull down the handle to release the rolling mechanism to lift the screen back into the casing.


FIXED FRAME PROJECTOR SCREENS Fixed Frame widescreen projector screen are most commonly used for Home Theaters, Auditoriums and in any situation where a permanent wall-mounted solution is required. Fixed Frame Projector screens typically need more assembly time than others, installed in a similar manner to picture frames by hanging the screen off an anchor or bracket on the wall. This means the screen mounts on the wall more easily and with less installation and electrical work.

Portable Movie Screens:

Portable Movie Screens If your screen is likely to be moved on a regular basis every few days, weeks or months, a Portable Screen is your best option. Portable projector screens are offered in a great range of sizes and styles. Portable screens, like Tripods usually use a pull-up screen on a free tripod stand. Historically popular in schools, because of mobility and relatively little expense, tripods are also widely used in business for traveling presentations. 

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