Benefits of Semi Personal Training

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Semi-private training brings the best elements of private training and group fitness classes together to create a unique combination in which clients thrive and coaches create dynamic and fun workouts that emphasize camaraderie, motivation and teamwork.


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Semi Private Training e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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What is semi private Training Its the fine combination between group training and personal training that let you reap the benefits of both the worlds. It’s a way to receive the motivation and support of a group while receiving a heavy dose of focused intense coaching and skill development. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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Reasons You Should Do Semi- Private Training e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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Stay Motivated When you are in the gym surrounded by like-minded individuals. It fuels your competitive side motivates you to work harder. Group setting always helps to provide a little push to improve our performance. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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Cost saving One of the advantage of Semi Private Training is compared to one-on-one training is cost . It makes improving fitness and health a lot more accessible to more people. Workout with friends for good instruction great workouts and solid results. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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community and the camaraderie Clients schedule sessions at the same time or in case of semi private training together to hang out outside of the gymgo out to dinner. The sense of being part of a community and the camaraderie encourage many people tend to stick around for the long haul. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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PERSONALIZED TIME WITH YOUR TRAINER Semi Private Training allows your trainer to spend more time monitoring your progress and helping you with your form. Right guidance along with the support of group brings out the best in workout sessions. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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Flexible Timing Theres a lot of time flexibility . This allows a little more room when jumping from one time slot to another.You can always work around your schedule instead of missing out a session. e l i t e f i t n e s s . a e

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