Save your bills with Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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Save your bills with Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be very complex. Along with installation cost you need to consider the type of the system that meets your home’s specifications and family needs. Whether you are renovating your house or a residential space making a choice between ducted and ductless air conditioners becomes a very difficult task. What are ducted air conditioners Ducted air conditioners ​: As the name says ducted air conditioning provides heating or cooling through a system of ducts spread all over your house or commercial spaces. A central unit containing a condenser compressor and an air handling unit is located in the basement attic or garage. These ducts serve the purpose of both heating and cooling systems. Warm or cool air travels from the central air conditioner unit to the ducts and is delivered to each room in your residence through vents. When to choose ducted air conditioning 1. Exiting ducts: if you already have a system of ducts installed in a good condition at your place ducted air conditioning is strongly recommended. 2. Better air flow: Ducted air conditioners provide better air flow. They allow the movement of the air into space. 3. Control humidity: Ducted air conditioners control humidity in a better way. The air handlers in ductless air conditioners lack the mechanisms which are needed to remove the moisture from the air. Why Ducted Air Conditioning Systems helps in saving your bills Many people have replaced their air conditioners with ​ducted air conditioning ​ ones and its above average performance in air delivery energy saving features and cost saving reasons makes ducted air conditioners popular. These air conditioners can help you in saving bills and can save upto 300 dollars in a whole year. The main difference between ducted and normal air conditioning is that it has a central cooling system where warm

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air is cooled down and from this central system cool air is pushed into the ducts that run within the structure of the house or wherever the air conditioners are fixed. With this feature of air conditioning you can set up and control the temperature and functioning hours of the air conditioning system. It contains a thermostat which helps in monitoring the room temperature. Thermostat will serve as the sensor and will tell the system when to start working and when to stop. It also gives you the option of setting the air conditioner to start or stop cooling at the particular time of the day. You can adjust the settings by allowing it to use full power during the daytime in summers whereas reduce the power consumption during nighttime. This will reduce the energy usage at night when its cool and it will save your bill too.You may also set it according to the time of day when your whole family is present in the house. Other advantages of ducted air conditioners 1. Convenient. 2. Helps to dehumidify air. 3. Does not take up room space. 4. ​ Great for whole-house heating and cooling

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