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Do you know the benefits of cloud-based development environments? Read this article and get in touch with Software Development Agency for guidance.


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Software Development Tools that Shifted to Cloud

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Currently,  software deployment   happens from the cloud and a colossal amount of data is stored in the cloud. It has clear and immense benefits as cloud platform providers deal with the complexities of data management, software development specialists focus on their application development, and end users enjoy enriched experience across multiple devices.  Now there is no need for   software development agencies  to run servers in the office or rent servers from private hosting providers as all the functions are served by cloud. Let us put a glance on developer tools that has shifted to the cloud:

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Continuous integration/Continuous deployment There are several players which provide continuous integration and continuous deployment capabilities necessary for modern development such as   Codeship , CircleCI , Drone.io , etc. You can also get integrated solutions from cloud providers.

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Central logging and monitoring These days, carrying out monitoring and logging by connecting to each machine and tailing log files is no more a popular option. Rather depending on central logging and monitoring services in the cloud such as  DataDog , Loggly , Grafana.net , etc. is a common practice.

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A/B testing It is all about testing different versions of your application to compare user feedbacks which then allows you to pick the best option with minimum possible risk. It enables you to know user reactions to design changes via empirical studies.

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Mobile, Cross-Platform and cross-Browser testing There are plenty of services for browser and mobile testing in the cloud; some of the popular ones are   SauceLabs , Selenium   and   BrowserStack . You can configure many test environments and easily perform serious load and stress tests.

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Source control You can create as many public repositories as you want for free in GitHub . Another popular option is GitLab which enables you create unlimited private repositories for free and offers complete CI/CD pipelines.

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Project management, file Sharing, knowledge management and issue tracking There are integrated cloud solutions for project management, file sharing, knowledge management and issue tracking. For instance, Microsoft and Google offer office suites and free storage. Attlasian’s Jira is a solution for project management and issue tracking; Confluence for knowledge management.

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Cloud platforms Then we have the cloud platforms themselves viz Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and few more. When it comes to managing private clouds IBM is the reigning leader. Deploying your software to the cloud is the best option for most use cases barring super sensitive projects and regulated industries.

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Therefore, if you want to deploy your software in the cloud or need cloud-based solutions for your business consult proficient  software development specialists  for making an informed decision. Originally Posted On:- http://bit.ly/2gyyW7W

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