Stay Ahead of Competition by Envisioning Future Design Trends


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Is your business keeping pace with the technological advancements? Read this article to know about future design trends and stay ahead of competition.


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 Stay Ahead of Competition by Envisioning Future Design Trends

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In the fast-paced world of technology, you cannot afford to just look in front of you but you must look ahead in the future which waits with a lot of paradigm shifting trends. We are discussing here a few of the future trends below:

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As the digital realm was abuzz with talks of microinteraction in 2015, micro-mini interactions, UX design specialists Chase Buckley’s term for interactions within interactions would be a trend to watch out for design enthusiasts by 2017. Interactions within interactions

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Each time we open an application we are engaging in many microinteractions subconsciously e.g. while we pair two devices using Bluetooth and while doing that when we toggle the Bluetooth setting on i.e. a micro-mini-interactions. To provide users with better experience designers would capitalize on the latter.​

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The way customer journey mapping allows businesses to understand the complete picture of customer experience, keeping the practice of failure mapping will enable UX designers understand model non-ideal scenarios and allow them to handle incorrect usage of products in a better manner. Failure mapping

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With data breaches getting common in the web it is harder for brands to generate a feeling of trust among users for digital products. New breed of designers would be busy identifying new channels for establishing trust in the digital realm. Building digital trust

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Interstitial anxiety is the momentary state of anxiety a user experiences between an action like clicking a button and response e.g. moving to the next page which if left unaddressed can build up to create poor user experience. Addressing interstitial anxiety Web development specialists are working hard to create transition elements that hint to the next screen in a sequence making users anticipate what will happen next onscreen rather than worry.

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The usage of virtual assistants or in other words personal intelligent assistants like Siri , Cortana , etc. is gaining momentum but at the moment they are not designed to coordinate and cooperate among themselves to simplify things. Organizing AI networks But near future will witness a more organized artificial intelligence (AI) network which negotiates division of labour in the competitive arena; courtesy: new age designers .

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Just as websites have been already designed to adapt to their layout to a wide range of devices, likewise new websites designed by web development specialists will be tailoring their structure and content to provide appropriate experience to the audience of various age groups. Device-responsive to age-responsive​

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For instance, increasing font-sizes and spacing naturally to accommodate the eyesight of the elderly. Users will come to know about age-specific adaptation on websites through the abundance of metadata. Originally Posted On:-

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