Ultimate Design Rules from Responsive Design Specialist


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Are you meeting with the expectations of your mobile customers? Follow design rules from Responsive Design Expert to give them enhanced mobile experience.


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Ultimate Design Rules from Responsive Design Specialist

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With more and more consumers shifting from desktop to mobile devices for navigating the digital world, businesses are left with no choice other than gearing up for improving  mobile experience  of their customers. For that,  responsive design  is the need of the hour to help you meet up with the expectations of your audience.

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Understanding the psychology of mobile users would help you optimize your website design for them in a better way. Keep the page clutter-free They are increasingly impatient while searching for information and hence it is better if you make way for them while navigating through your page. Keep minimal page design and the content very clear so that they can effortlessly locate what they are looking for. Make your  call-to-action  statement like ‘ Add to cart ’ stand out so that your customers can easily perform the desirable action.

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With so many different mobile devices available in the marketplace having screen of varying dimensions you cannot give intuitive user experience by defining fixed width of your web elements. Choose fluid layout Rather, fluid design wherein width of elements is defined in percentages would be apt to serve customers navigating your site with various screen-sized devices.

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As most of the smartphones and phablets are having touchscreen interface, it is necessary for you to make your design touch-oriented. Optimize for touchscreen You have to keep in mind that the precision of click won’t be there in touch hence the touch points like buttons and menus must be designed accordingly. The mobile devices are constantly evolving; therefore, upgrade your site to act in coherence with numerous device functionalities.

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You may know that performance level of a mobile website is dependent on the two most important factors – size of the images and website speed. Minimize image usage Therefore, it is wise to use images to the minimum possible extent and if at all used, they must be resized and compressed to become optimized for mobile experience.

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Filling up of long and complicated forms on website can be quite troublesome and that too on smaller screen of mobile devices. So, keep the fields on the forms to be filled by users to lowest possible extent and try to give the auto fill option. Keep minimum fields on forms Moreover, you can also design progress bars to be displayed right at the moment your users finishes with their form filling process. For optimizing your site for mobile, it is crucial to maintain the principle of minimalism.

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Hope you are all set to successfully fulfill the needs of your mobile customers and to get the most of your responsive design it is better to consult with  responsive design expert  and get benefited from their knowledge and experience. Originally Posted On:- http:// goo.gl/ wuQdLm

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