Using ASP.NET Framework to Avoid Technical Debt


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Using ASP.NET Framework to Avoid Technical Debt

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Although there are many languages that are less strict on conventions and are also easier to learn yet some developers switch from those languages to  .NET framework  which is fairly strict with conventions. Then why do developers prefer it to the easier ones? Because languages that are more lax on conventions, though easier to learn, can also make you ready for failures. That is why developers are keen to work with ASP.NET as its structure encourages developers to follow standards and conventions.

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Developing technical debt As you go ahead with your project, at times you may be tempted to do things in a quick manner at the expense of high standards consequently making things harder for the near future. This is known as acquiring technical debt and it has a compounding effect. When you endeavour to overcome technical debt in order to accomplish a task it becomes more difficult to tackle hence demands more time and efforts. Moreover, if you don’t deal with technical debt immediately and leave it unchecked for longer then it could be debilitating for the project itself.

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Gearing up for success It is very important to avoid short cuts and follow the best practices of any language or framework to make sure you have a happy coding experience.  It would definitely consume more time now but ensure smooth navigation of the ongoing project. “Prevention is better than cure”, is just apt to this context. If you strive harder now to maintain a clean code following best practices, it may take longer though, but you would successfully prevent development of technical debt and the future struggle to overcome it.

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How ASP.NET specialists avoid technical debt? Although nothing can stop you from making a mess of your code irrespective of the framework or language you use, still less strict frameworks offers you more lenience to create problems . ASP.NET, however, is a very strict framework and also are the languages ( C# ,  VB.NET , and  F# ) that uses it. Unlike more lax languages, the compiler of ASP.NET refuses to run a code with many errors because it knows that the messy code won’t work and thus prevent pushing broken code to your users.

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This framework also encourages you to follow MVC pattern and thus you end up with having separate views, models and controllers for each of your models. The views handle the UI, controllers manage routing or data shaping and models handle the business logic or data manipulation. Therefore, in  ASP.NET Development  anytime you need to make changes to any of the functionalities, you would clearly know which file to look into rather than aimlessly wandering for it in your codebase.

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Also testing for bugs by setting up proper unit tests is easier in ASP.NET as the code practices proper division of concerns. Even though, during your project you can write both clean and cluttered codes in any language but in  Microsoft .NET development  project the framework enables you to help yourself by encouraging you to follow good practices. Originally Posted On:-

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