Why invest in L'Oréal?


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Making an investment sounds easier then it really is. In my presentation you can find some good arguments to buy shares in one of the biggest companies in the world. You'll find a short introduction of the company with the help of only 10 numbers. Thank you for reading.


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L’Oréal Paris:

L’Oréal Paris By Elise Claeys

Table of contents:

Table of contents L’Oréal in 10 numbers Segment information Financial statements Shares Debt by type

L’Oréal in 9 Numbers:

L’Oréal in 9 Numbers 72.600 11,7 130 31 42 27 3.420 119,25 1,5

Segment information:

Segment information

Financial statements:

Financial statements Net sales: 11,738 Net profit: 1,710 By Emma Dunkley

The shares:

The shares 2012: 1,625

Depts by type:

Depts by type 06.30.2013 Non-current: 43,40 Current: 628,90 06.30.2012 Non-current: 54,10 Current: 1.180,20

Ratio 12.31.2013:

Ratio 12.31.2013 Return on Assets: 7,96% Net income Total assets Current ratio: 1,4 = current assets current liabilities Quick ratio: 1,00 = (current assets – inventories)/ current liabilities current liabilities


Conclusion Good investment No divident Good ratio’s

Because you’re worth it:

Because you’re worth it

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