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Me in The Future : 

Me in The Future By: Rene Castillo E. Clarke 12/08/2010 ESL, Level 6

Family : 

Family Before the year 2025, I will be married in my Country and probably have one or two children.

Finances : 

Finances I hope in the year 2025, I will have my own business in Michoacán, México.

Education : 

Education Before the year 2025, I will speak English very well.

Career/Work : 

Career/Work I’ll probably be working doing the things that I like, for example: Computer Technician.

Housing : 

Housing In 15 years, I will have my own house with a nice family.

Health/Fitness : 

Health/Fitness Before the year 2025, I’ll be exercising more than now to stay healthy.

Leisure/Entertainment : 

Leisure/Entertainment I will practice playing the guitar and playing sports before the year 2025.

Community : 

Community In 15 years, my small town in Michoacán will be bigger than now.

Other : 

Other I will get a new car before the years 2025.

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