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Me In The Future Antares Aquino ESL Level 6 Eli Clarke 11/21/2012


Before the year 2022, I hopefully will be married in my country and probably have two or three children. I will help my parents financially. Family


In the year 2022, I’ll have my own business as an “environmental consultant”. Finances


In 2022, I will get master degree, and I’ll speak English. Education

Career/ Work:

Also, I’ll be working for the environment, and I’ll love this. Career/ Work


In 10 years, I’ll have my own house with a big garden, and it will be near the beach. Housing

Leisure/ Entertainment :

I’ll take music classes, and I probably will play the piano. Leisure/ Entertainment


I'm going to help the educational programs and environmental programs. Community


Before the 2022, I will travel to Europe again and Australia. Others

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