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Me in the Future:

Me in the Future Nancy Moreno 11\28\2012 Level 6; Eli Clarke


Education Before the year 2017, I hope can I finish High School and speak English.


Housing Before the year 2015, I will add another room in my house for my little daughter.


Community Before the year 2014, I’m going to volunteer at my daughter’s school.

Career/ Work:

Career/ Work Before the year 2021, I hope I can finish c ollege and work in Horticulture.


Finances Before the year 2022, I think I’m going to finish my education and have a better job.

PowerPoint Presentation:

I will buy a new house before the year 2023.

PowerPoint Presentation:

My goals and dreams for the future are to learn English very well and to study for a career to give my family a better life.

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