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Me in the Future:

Rey Perez 12-05-12 ESL Level 6 Eli Clarke Me in the Future


Before 20 years, I hope all my sons will finish their careers and have economically stable lives. Family


I will work hard and save money for the next ten years to have my own business with my family and help my relatives in Mexico. Finances


I will try to learn English very well and find a good career in 5 years. Education


I will keep my family in shape and learn more about healthy food to be healthier. Health


I would like to travel around the world to learn about different cultures and traditions. Entertainment


I will get more soccer skills and learn how to coach, so I can give better service to the children learning soccer. Community


I would like to learn how conserve our planet and take better care of the plants and animals. Also, I will help give more food to the people in poor countries. Other


In conclusion, I hope to do many positive changes in my future to have better opportunities to me and for my family. Conclusion

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