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Writing About My Country : 

Writing About My Country By Erica Lozada Instructor: Eli Dinamarca Levels 4-7 February 4,2009

I am from : 

I am from I am from Puebla ,Mexico. Mexico has population of 106,682,500. The capital is Mexico D.F. Puebla has a population of 5,383,133.

Language Spoken : 

Language Spoken As a first language, we speak Spanish. The other languages people speak are Nahuatl and Mextli.

The President : 

The President The president’s name is Felipe Calderon. Himno National Mexicano. Escudo National

Regional FOOD : 

Regional FOOD Mole Poblano Semitas Chiles en Nogada

I Recommend : 

I Recommend Waterfalls, and caves. That you visit Malinche Volcano and Popocatepetl.

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