Moving To the US Arturo L6 May 2012 1st Place

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Moving To the US:

Moving To the US Arturo Salaises Level 6 Teacher: Eli Clarke ESL class

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The reason why my family and me left Mexico this year was because there weren’t opportunities of job and education. Also because in Mexico it’s dangerous now.

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Some my expectations were to find more education and that I could be smarter when we return to Mexico. Also I wanted to find a job so I could give money to my mom’s business and to support some of the needs of my family.

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My worst fear when I came here was the language because everyone in this country speaks English and also I was afraid to leave my family in Mexico and to live alone here.

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The first thing I can do to make my move in the US is to study English to get a better career here or in Mexico, also I need to get a better job.

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I really miss the places of Z acatecas, The people the traditional food, my ranch in Rio Grande where all my family lives, my dog “ Changoleon ” and my bed.

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The main difference between the US and Mexico, is that m y country is more beautiful than here, although in this country you can have more opportunities and more public safety. GO!

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