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My best friends:

My best friends Akemi Kanno May 9, 2012 ESL Level 6 Eli Clake

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I have known my best friend for ten years, and we met at a job interview; we sat by each other while we were waiting. We both hoped to get the job and become professional nurses. After that, we worked in the same section for a few years.

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My best friend’s name is Keiko Kudo . She has beautiful long black hair, white skin and beautiful eyes .

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This relationship taught me how friends can give advice and help each other anytime there is a problem or when they make a mistake. My friend has influenced my life in a positive way by showing me the importance of hard work and overcoming difficult situations.

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My friendships are different now than when I was a child. Before, I just played with my friends, but now my friendships affect me more deeply because we inspire and respect each other.

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I don’t make friends easily now because I can’t speak English very well, so I get a little nervous when I meet someone. However, if I improve my English and try to speak more with new people, I will be able to make new friends. I always make new friends at school and then connect through facebook .

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I have many friends in Japan. However, I only consider four of them my best friends.

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Thank you! ご清聴ありがとうございました = Thank you for your attention.

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