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How To Make Fried Rice:

How To Make Fried Rice Ha Huynh 09/19/2011 Level 6 Eli Clarke

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First, get ready with one bowl of rice, shrimp, garlic, chicken, one onion and cut everything into small pieces. Prepare oil, a little bit of salt, pepper, two eggs and one teaspoon of sesame seeds.

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Start the fire then wait until the pan is very hot. Then, add some oil and garlic. Next, put in the chicken and shrimp and when it’s close to be well done, add the onion and rice.

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After that, add two eggs and fry it together for three or five minutes. Finally, put a little salt, pepper, and the one teaspoon of sesame seeds.

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Once everything is done, you can eat it! I hope everyone likes fried rice too! Thank you for your attention!

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