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My Family Pictures : 

My Family Pictures Ofelia Salazar

My Family : 

My Family In this picture, is my mom my dad and my sister. My mom’s name is Rosa and my father’s name is Miguel. My sisters names are Rosalia and Karina. I took this picture in the state of Oaxaca Mexico My mom was very happy in this picture because she likes this state and to live wants there live forever.

My Birthday : 

My Birthday This picture is from my birthday. I’m very happy because my husband bought a chocolate cake, flavor. balloons and ice cream. My parents called me on my birthday. This picture was taken in my house in 2008.

My Wedding : 

My Wedding In this picture is my husband and I in our wedding. was very happy this day because all my family was with me. My brother took this picture on February 18,2008 this picture was taken at the church.

Sweet Moments : 

Sweet Moments This picture is the day of our wedding where all my husband’s family's and all my family friends and everybody got together We enjoyed a very delicious dinner and a big cake and after the dinner we had a party. We danced a lot with everybody. This picture was taken in February 2006 in Juxtlahuac a,Oaxaca Mexico.

Lagoon Place : 

Lagoon Place This picture was taken in my city. This is a lagoon as you can see the water is beautiful and very clear. If you like to go swimming you must know how to swim very well because a lot people that they go for swimming they do not know How to swim. They get drown here. of January2005 in Juxtlahuaca Oax Mex.

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