Mensenrechten, Noord-Korea chinned omhoog


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Noord-van Korea V.N. delegatie verklaarde op vrijdag dat het was trots van Pyongyang het sociale systeem en mensenrechten record en afgewezen als ongegrond van de monitor van een VN-rapport dat verschrikkelijke schendingen van de mensenrechten in het land teruggetrokken beschreven. Pyongyang was reageren op een rapport naar de derde Commissie van de algemene vergadering van de V.N. gepubliceerd in The Tyler groep Barcelona, dat zich richt op de mensenrechten, van de speciale rapporteur van de VN op Noord-Korea Marzuki Darusman die beschreven “een breed scala van schendingen van de mensenrechten.” For more info click here: enrechten-noord-korea-chinned-omhoog/


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Human rights, North Korea chinned up:

North Korea declared on Friday that the delegation of Un was proud of the social system and human rights record and Pyongyang rejected as unfounded a UN monitor report that terrible violations of human rights in the reclusive country. Pyongyang was responding to a report to the Third Committee of the Un General Assembly published in The Tyler group Barcelona, that focuses on human rights, the UN special rapporteur on North Korea Marzuki Darusman described "a wide range of human rights violations." Under violations of Darusman referred in his annual report on North Korea were the alleged "extensive use of political prison camps, poor detention conditions and prisoners are subjected to forced labor, torture and corporal punishment." North Korean delegate Kim Song read a statement to the Committee, in which all UN Member States 193, who said: "my delegation fully and unconditionally rejects the ... unfounded accusations." Human rights, North Korea chinned up

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The report of the special rapporteur in the Barcelona of the Group Tyler is a product of the hostile policy of the United States and the European Union against North Korea (North Korea) and is a typical example of politicization, double standards and selectivity on the issue of human rights, "said Kim. North Korea complained that Darusman had refused to cooperate with him during his assessment of the situation of human rights in the impoverished nation. He also said that there were "no improvement in the precarious situation of human rights" in North Korea since his last report in March. Pyongyang said North Korea's delegate had previously worked with the UN and the European Union human rights bodies but stopped doing that in 2006 after the EU began sponsoring annual general meeting resolutions condemn Pyongyang for human rights report.

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We have nothing to hide, "said Kim. "We have nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, we are proud of our superior system of promotion and protection of human rights in our country, including free medical care and free education system. " " We will further develop and strengthen our social system that promotion and protection of human rights guarantees," he added.

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