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Italy : 

Italy Erica Lozada & Isaac Flores Instructor: Eli Dinamarca ESL Levels 4-7 April 22,2009

Goverment : 

Goverment The president of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano. Their official language spoken is Italian. They also speak German, French and Slovene. The capital of Italy is Rome. The population in Italy is 59,829,710 people. The population in the capital is 3.8 million people. The colors of the flag green, white and red.

Places to visit : 

Places to visit Venice The most famous place to visit is the Vatican. We would like to visit Rome and The Coliseum. I also recommend that you visit Florence.

Traditional Food : 

Traditional Food The most popular food is pizza. Pasta is also very famous. For dessert, they eat tiramisu.

Interesting Facts about Italy : 

Interesting Facts about Italy The official name of Italy is Repubblica Italiana (Italian Republican). Basilica of saint Peter, situaded in Rome, is the largest Christian edifice in the word. The average consumption of pasta in Italy is 25kg per person per year. Italy has the lowest per capita energy consumption in Europe.

If you go to Italy : 

If you go to Italy Please visit Italy Visit the Vatican Please visit the famous church of San Peter

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