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Globe Theatre. [Photograph]. Retrieved January  23,  2010, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library

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Searching for Information Attribution: "3d puppet, holding big magnifier"

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Source: STYLES, S. 1998. Elizabethan England. Oxford: Heinemann

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Attribution: "Midland Hotel, Central Library, Manchester Town Hall" Art: Oxford Art Online Bibliography: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Who's Who and Who Was Who General Reference & Homework: Britannica Elementary (For ages 5 - 11) Britannica Student (For ages 12 - 18) Encyclopaedia Britannica Oxford Reference Online Newspapers: Newsbank Times Digital Archive Source:

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Attribution: "Firefox on the rise" Attribution: "Google logo render - Mark Knol"

Google Users Research : 

Google Users Research Q. 1 Search Tools Q. 2 Search Time Q. 3 Search Results

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Search Strategy

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“Exact Phrase”

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Research Topic: The Great Depression Search Terms the great depression “the great depression” “the great depression” site:edu "the great depression" site:edu "black blizzards" “the great depression” site:gov "the great depression" site:gov "black blizzards" # of results 21,300,000 4,770,000 192,000 140 85,200 9 Searched Jan 2010

Research Topic: Shakespeare : 

Research Topic: Shakespeare Define your topic? Identify what information you need? Brainstorm “search terms” & strategy Select the best sources Select the relevant information and take notes

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Topics Project Ideas – texts, diagrams, charts Drawing, Sketches, Photos, maps, visuals … Quotes from books, teachers, other sources Bibliographic information Written drafts, interesting findings

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