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Elena Moiseenko, a Florida industrial engineer, has worked with corporations like Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.Elena Moiseenko is a dog lover.


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Elena Moiseenko Walking for Fitness

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Elena Moiseenko Elena Moiseenko is a busy operations executive who lives and works in Florida with her husband and their two Golden Retrievers. Her schedule is often full but she still makes time for fitness and maintaining her health. Walking allows her to exercise spend time with her husband walk the dogs and relieve stress all at once.

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Elena Moiseenko Walking keeps many people like Elena Moiseenko fit and since it’s low-impact almost anyone can do it. If you’d like to start walking to improve your health aim for five to six days per week and start small. Walk around your block to the park or to the corner store. Gradually increase how long/far you walk based on how your body responds. Soon you should be able to walk for around thirty minutes almost every day.

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Elena Moiseenko The movement from walking might improve your circulation elevate your moods help you lose weight make you look younger and tone your muscles. If you have dogs like Elena Moiseenko does take them with you it’ll strengthen bonds with your furry friends. Before beginning your new workout program contact your physician for medical clearance.

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Elena Moiseenko

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