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Features of management principal:

Features of management principal Prinicples of management are universal Principles of management are flexible Priniciple of management have a cause & effect relationship. Principles of management aims at influencing human behaviour Principles of management are of equal importance. 10/1/2012 2 Asst.Prof.M.Choudhury-9861517059

14 principles:

14 principles Divison of Labor Party of Authority & Responsibility Principle of one Boss Unity of Direction Equity Order Discipline Initiative Fair remuneration Stability of tenure Scalar Chain Sub- oridination of individual interest to general inetrest Espirit De’Corps Centralization & Decentralization 10/1/2012 3 Asst.Prof.M.Choudhury-9861517059

Importance of principles of management:

Importance of principles of management 10/1/2012 4 Asst.Prof.M.Choudhury-9861517059

PowerPoint Presentation:

10/1/2012 5 Asst.Prof.M.Choudhury-9861517059

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