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Developing and implementing a social media strategy Electroville Add a Friend

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Social media building relationships Listening to what is going on Linking and Sharing – and linking again! Expressing yourself – to individuals, groups, organisations, companies, local government Comments and Feedback – agree or disagree , this is what builds communities around a topic Connecting – social media is more about the links, introductions and relationships than the technology Being Helpful – giving and sharing via social media is changing society Saying Thank you HOW CAN YOU RISE TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE?

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ADD A FRIEND Funded by Nominet Trust Helping organisations to achieve their purpose by - Setting up and implementing social media strategies 75 eligible organisations Elderly Disabled Youths/Children Community Centres in deprived areas Strategy workshop Planning visit Follow up visit Case study

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ADD A FRIEND aims to: Alleviate the isolation of the elderly and disabled

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ADD A FRIEND aims to: Provide a vehicle for expression for young people

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ADD A FRIEND aims to: Develop a voice for communities

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ADD A FRIEND aims to: Create access routes to employment and enterprise

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How to get involved Register your interest Consider how social media might be able to help your organisation fulfil its purpose Allocate a Social Media Champion Fill out application form Commit to full programme Pay £75 + VAT Get started Attend workshop Attend at least one quarterly meeting Create social media strategy Implement social media strategy Add Friends Reap the rewards Create case study

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Applying 4 Key Questions What is the purpose of your organisation? How do you envisage social media helping you to achieve your organisation’s purpose? How many will benefit? What do you envisage those benefits to be? Go to and click on Social Media.

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In conclusion Social media is here to stay Social media is part and parcel of our society Social media presents opportunities to build and strengthen communities You can make a difference through good use of social media Add a Friend will show you how.

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Thank you Simon Duncan Electroville 01924 488725

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