Energy Saving Tips for Your Small Business

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Small Business In this article we will discuss some of the best tips from commercial electricians to improve energy efficiency for small businesses. When you ask any small to medium scale business about their expenditures and what they are most worried about utility costs can be some of the biggest expenses a business can incur. Here are some energy saving tips and suggestions to help your small business to reduce energy use and save on power bills. Because the more energy you save in your business the more profitable you can be.

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Inform your Employees: Even if you have purchased the most energy efficient products or hired expert professional commercial electrical contractors in Sydney for solutions in reducing your energy bills you will never succeed if your employees are not with you. The first thing that every business must do is inform the employees about energy consumption issues and let them participate in taking all possible measures to save on energy. To remind employees of the energy saving measures put up posters to prompt them. Energy Audit: Many electrical companies offer free energy consumption audits that you can use to save energy at work. Get in touch and ask for a visit. They will perform a full inspection and provide a report that can help you better gauge your business’s energy. They will also give sound recommendations on how to cut down your energy bills. Equipment: Before purchasing any electronic equipment for your business facility make sure to check for energy star ratings. Invest in energy star model computers monitors printers fax machines and copiers as these equipment will help reduce energy consumption in your office. Turn off lights: If you turn off lights when and where not required you can cut down your energy consumption. Like during lunch-hours or when there is no conference going on switch off the lights on these areas. Energy efficient Bulbs: Consider substituting incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps CFLs. Instead of those traditional old-fashioned bulbs you can use the LED or CFL bulbs and this will help you in reducing energy consumption. Natural sunlight: Try and switch to daylighting using as much natural light in the office as you can. If you have an office area where you get an abundant amount of natural light the best would be to use it to its maximum. You will

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reduce energy consumption for your business as you don’t have to switch on the indoor lights. Power down equipment: Switching off lights fans air conditioners and turning off work PCs and laptops when away for long periods of time and shutting down at the end of the day are crucial in lowering bills. Make sure that someone in your office is responsible to check if all the electrical equipment are shut down. This simple habit can help in cutting back your energy consumption. Start using fans: Using fans can help in circulating cold air throughout your office. That removes some of the burden from your AC system and will reduce the need to use more than one air conditioner. Energy efficient landscaping: If you can control your office exterior landscaping the best would be to plan a strategically beneficial landscaping that can help you in reducing the cooling cost in summers or heating cost in winters.

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