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Electra heat is a UK based company which supply electric radiators for homes.


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ELECTRIC HEATERS - A PRODUCT OF ELECTRA HEAT http://www.electraheat.co.uk / sales@electraheat.co.uk Tel: 0800 130 3255


INTRODUCTION Electraheat.co.uk promise to give you attractive and efficient electric radiator for homes. Easy-Heat energy efficient electric radiators are revolutionizing home heating. Whether you require whole house heating, are replacing storage heaters, or just want to warm that awkward cold spots.


ABOUT US Electra Heat is known to offer diverse products such as electric central heating systems and energy efficient electric heaters at very competitive prices. This makes Electra Heat an extremely affordable pick.

Electric Radiators for Homes:

Electric Radiators for Homes Electra heat is a UK based company which supply electric radiators for homes . Home decoration stores across the UK are increasingly seen to be selling radiators that come in a range of styles and designs, but our online store can compete with the best of them, and can offer very good prices. Radiators come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, such as column style and horizontal and are made from materials such as aluminum and cast iron.

Electric Central Heating Running Cost & System:

Electric Central Heating Running Cost & System Old electric heating systems are inefficient have little or no control, and you have to worry about the electric central heating running costs . Electric heating systems and in particular Night Storage Heaters have always been perceived as expensive to run and with little or no control, and rightly so when you look at the lack of control and costs of running electric central heating system.

Electric Panel Heater:

Electric Panel Heater One of the most difficult challenges faced during colder months is finding a heating solution which meets five requirements: quiet operation, moderate energy consumption, heats effectively, easy to install/use, and possibly the hardest requirement to meet, looks good in the home. There are a few heaters out there that meet some of those five characteristics, but rarely all five. The Electra Heat High-efficiency Electric Panel Heater is a passive heating solution which seemed to have the makings of winner in all respects.

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters:

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters Electric heaters can heat the whole thing from small parts of a house to the whole building. Some function on less power than others, which in turn saves money on utility bills, but all electric heaters turn the unit's electrical power into heat. The efficiency varies with how much power it takes to operate the unit. Energy efficient electric heater is a product of Electra heat whose function is to minimize the cut off cost and provide efficient heating effect.

Electric Heaters:

Electric Heaters Electric Heater is a product of Electra heat. There are various models in small range. A low-wattage models that laying under your desk or a thermostatically controlled oscillating tower unit that can emit enough hot air to warm up an entire family room. With Electric heaters , however, the heating elements are exposed to the air or carpet fibers can become hot enough to ignite on contact.


CONTACT US Electra Heat Ltd 145–157 St John St London EC1V 4PY Tel: 0800 130 3255 Email: sales@electraheat.co.uk www. electraheat.co.uk

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