Cbs’s 60 Minutes Features Tech Metals

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Cbs’s 60 Minutes Features Tech Metals

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The issue revolving around technology metals is starting to gain the attention it deserves. In fact, the CBS’s show, 60 minutes, even featured a show on Technology Metals. Tech metals and their modern world applications are explained in detail in this short video. The video explains the extensive application of tech metals in contemporary Smartphones . The video then continues to explain the details on various tech metal components and their other applications.

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Kevin Livelli , one of the show producers, even wrote a blog following this video, explaining how tech metals have become a part of our daily lives. Livelli further goes on to discuss the trend, the market, and tech metal’s applications in the US Department of Security. This video on 60 minutes explains what tech metals are, how they dominate our ultra-modern lives and used in almost every piece of technology that we are surrounded by. Just as fuel and oil reserves are gradually running out; these metals are about to face a similar fate. The CBS show ’60 minutes’, brings into sharp perspective that the building blocks of all of our electronic goods are running scarce, with China controlling the bulk of the global tech metal supply. What’s interesting is the fact that the United States were once the leader of tech metal industry and pioneered most of its everyday applications mentioned above. But now, the Republic of China has assumed dominance in this field, because not only do they have them in abundance locally, but also, in a concentration high and optimal enough to mine. See the video from 60 minutes for yourself below and feel free to share your concerns regarding the scarcity and shortage of tech metals, that our world is about to face, sooner rather than later.

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