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Agenda : 

Agenda About me Unit 1. New friends, New faces Unit 2. Express yourself Unit 3. What do we need? Unit 4. Around the world Unit 5. Vacation Unit 6. All about you Reflections


ABOUT ME My name is Giovanni Sarmiento I’m 22 years old I’m student I’m from Colombia My birthday is november 6 I like watch tv I don’t like practice sports My hobbie is play videogames I’m a funny guy

Personal Descripcion : 

Personal Descripcion Her name is Boa kwon She is 24 years old She is a singer She is from korea She lives in seoul It’s height is 1,62 meters She is thin

Feelings : 


Her favorite food : 

Her favorite food KIMCHI KIMBAB KALBI

Around the world : 

Around the world Jeju: is the only special autonomous province of South Korea, situated on and coterminous with the country's largest island Government Special Autonomous Province Capital Jeju City Governor Woo Keun-min Dialect Jeju Region Jeju Area 1,845.5 km²(9th) Population  (2009)  - Population 565,000 (9th)  - Density 303 /km² Seoul/Seúl: officially the Seoul Special City, is the capital and largest city of South Korea A megacity with a population of over 10 million, it is one of the largest cities in the world. Government  - Type Seoul Metropolitan Capital seoul city Government  - Mayor Oh Se-hoon Area[2]  Dialect seoul Region Seoul Natonial Capital Area Population (2009)[3]  - Total 10,208,302  -  Density 17,288/km2 (44,775.7/sq mi)

Vacation : 

Vacation TOKYO PARIS She go to the others cities. She can visit many places Many means of transport She can take photos

Likes and Dislikes : 

Likes and Dislikes She likes listen to music of all type. She likes Speak English and Japanese with her friends. She doesn’t like being alone. She doesn’t like rats.

Reflection : 

Reflection I think that this level was really very productive and interesting I have learned much It was very fun and the teacher was exellent. Thank you very much for everything

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