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Google Penalty :

Google Penalty


Google penalty Types of google penalty Major causes of google penalty Signs that your website hit penalty Ways to recover from google penalty CONTENTS

Google Penalty….:

Google penalty can be defined as the negative impact on website’s search rankings that can happen due to Google’s search algorithm updates. Mostly this can happen to the websites which uses unhealthy optimization services for boosting their search rankings and also the websites with poor content quality. Google Penalty….

Types Of Google Penalties:

Unnatural links User-generated spam Hacked site Cloaking/Sneaky redirects Thin content Types Of Google Penalties

Major causes of Google penalty:

Too many links from low quality or spam sites Too many ads Poor quality content Excessive use of keywords in anchor text Manipulative on-page tactics Manual penalties Major causes of Google penalty

How do you know that your website got a penalty..??:

You will get a notification from google Your website stop ranking Page rank of your website drops to zero Your website will not be seen in search results How do you know that your website got a penalty..??

Ways To Recover From Google Penalty:

Clean your website and make sure that there is no irrelevant contents Remove inbound links from unauthorized websites Alter the links legitimately and make inbound links from genuine and authorized site Delete all outbound links Completely redefine your website Ways To Recover From Google Penalty


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