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Social Media Optimization:

Social M edia Optimization The most t ried and trusted technique to advertise a website’s service

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Presentation CONTENT Social media optimization Rules to follow U seful tips Main strategies Benefits

Defining Social Media Optimization…:

Defining Social M edia Optimization… Social Media Optimization(SMO) is referred to the techniques and strategies used to promote business services and products via social medias. It can be referred to as the greatest assets for improving the site’s search results.

SMO: Rules to follow:

SMO: Rules to follow To optimize site for social media, it is important to increase the linkability of the content Make the process of tagging and social bookmarking much easier Encourage inbound links which can improves the overall rankings Make your content portable-submitting PDF’s, video etc to relevant sites which can drive back links to your sites

SMO: Useful Tips:

SMO: Useful Tips Integrate social sharing tools into your website Create social profiles Structure your target keywords into social media profiles Use keywords in your post Use branded cover images

SMO: Main Strategies:

SMO: Main Strategies It is important to build a strong relationship with the customers Determine your target a udience and analyze their habits Observe the competition Set a profitable social media marketing strategy Post interesting and informative content

SMO: Benefits:

SMO: Benefits SMO helps to attract more clients and customers to your website A successful SMO campaign can increase your brand recognition SMO provides a platform for sharing updates quickly Social media platform is great source of advertisement SMO drives huge traffic to your website SMO helps to increase the website visibility in the search results


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