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Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization


CONTENTS Introduction The basic seo process Seo: Two types Important seo technique Benefits of Seo

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Search engine optimization is a technique that helps in increasing the number of visitors to your website by giving high ranking placements in search engine page results. Seo makes your site more relevant to the user’s search query that helps in increased brand recognition of your business.

The Basic Seo Process:

The Basic Seo Process

Seo: Two Types:

Seo: Two Types On-page Seo : It refers to the process used to improve the website position in search rankings Off-page Seo : It refers to the process that done outside of the actual website inorder to improve the website position in search rankings

Important Seo Techniques:

Important Seo Techniques Improve user engagement to improve rankings Focus on YouTube SEO Improve the site speed Make your existing page longer Try to build more backlinks Give importance to local seo and listings Do guest posting

SEO: Benefits:

SEO: Benefits Increased website traffic Better ROI Affordable Easy to navigate Increased brand awareness Better conversion rate Can stay updated Stay ahead in competition 24/7 business More social media exposure


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