Google penalty recovery

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Google Penalty Recovery:

Google Penalty Recovery

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What is google penalty? Why sites get penalized? Types of google penalty Tips for ensuring your site from google penalty Tools for google penalty recovery Presentation CONTENT

What is google penalty..??:

What is google penalty..?? Google penalty is a negative impact in which your site is no longer gets listed in the result pages. The rankings for your target keywords will drop and hence the audience can’t find you in the search results.

Why the sites get penalized?:

Google constantly changes algorithm and utilizes to crawl and inspect the websites. If any website tries to manipulate the search results that is harming google product it will give a negative experience. Why the sites get penalized?

Types of google penalty:

Unnatural links User generated spam Hacked site Cloaking/Sneaking redirects Thin content Types of google penalty

Tips for ensuring your site from google penalty::

Viruses or spyware Hidden links Pages with inappropriate keywords Duplicate content Deceptive redirects Tips for ensuring your site from google penalty: To ensure that your site does not receive any google penalty, make sure that your site does not contain:

Tools For Google Penalty Recovery:

Fetch as google Screaming frog web crawler Majestic Seo Ahrefs Tools For Google Penalty Recovery Monitor backlinks Copyscape Google algorithm change history Google webmaster tools


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