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Outright's Forever Free Plan :

Outright's Forever Free Plan Ebay Video Game Selling Tips Http://elancep-bloganything.blogspot.com

What is Outright?:

What is Outright? Outright is an automated online accounting program designed with eBay users in mind.

Outright Subscription Based?:

Outright Subscription Based? Recently Outright had announced that they would be a switching to subscription based service at $9.95 a month. Many users were very disappointed. However, they've backtracked on that a bit and are now offering a forever free plan with an optional upgrade.

What can you do with Forever Free?:

What can you do with Forever Free? Outright makes eBay accounting easy and hassle free. Automating many tasks that would otherwise be time consuming. With the Forever Free plan you can: Imports all eBay listing fees from PayPal. Imports sales transactions from PayPal. Imports shipping charges from PayPal. Can be connected to a business checking account.

PowerPoint Presentation:

This in itself is more than many paid accounting programs are able to do. For example to import PayPal data using other accounting programs you must first download a CSV file open it and manually edit the data.

Other features of Outright:

Other features of Outright In addition to the main draw of being able to keep track of your PayPal account on autopilot. Outright also offers these features: No software to install everything is done online. You can import up 3 Months of PayPal data to get started. Easily create new categories for income and expenses. Get ready for tax time with Quarterly and Annual reports.

What is left out?:

What is left out? You may be wondering then what is left out of the free edition that would make someone want to upgrade. Here are some of the extra features of the paid plan: Automatically calculates State Sales Tax for items sold. Automatically fills in information from your categories to your federal Schedule C Tax Forms.

Getting Started:

Getting Started Click The Link Below Enter your email and confirm your password. Login, near the top of the page will be a briefcase icon and your name. From the drop down menu select Link Accounts. From there link your PayPal account and your eBay Seller account. You're all set!

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