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Pinoy Hops and Raps (Filipino Hip-Hop/Rap Music):

Pinoy Hops and Raps (Filipino Hip-Hop/Rap Music) By: Elaine Aguinaldo

Hip-Hop/Rap Music:

Hip-Hop/Rap Music Philippines was known to be the first Asian country to have had the hip-hop music scene. Increased in popularity with the help of successful local and international musicians


History American colonization in the Philippines from 1898-1946 Influencing the country’s government, social institutions, music, etc.

Musicians of Filipino Descent:

Musicians of Filipino Descent Filipinos migrated to the United States during the 20 th century Filipino Americans were the first people to experiment and make music as mobile Dj in the 1960’s and 1970’s

Hip-Hop/Rap Music in the Country:

Hip-Hop/Rap Music in the Country Produced in different dialects: Tagalog, Ilocano, Cebuano, and English 1990’s is known to be the Golden Age of Pinoy Hip-Hop Philippine DJ mixing battles

Kings of Filipino Hip-Hop/Rap Music:

Kings of Filipino Hip-Hop/Rap Music Francis Durango Magalona also known as Francis M, Master Rapper, The Mouth, and The Man From Manila Andrew Espiritu also known as Andrew E.


FRANCIS M. Well-respected musician First Filipino musician to introduce hip-hop music in the country Merged rap music with Pinoy r ock music Known for his Nationalistic rap that features a strong positive message He released his most influential album in 1992 His songs are in Tagalog and English


Formerly Los-Angeles based Dj Raps songs that has unique story-telling with humorous wordplay accompanied by catchy beats Best known for his 1990 debut hit song “ Humanap ka ng Pangit ” (Look for someone ugly) He produced the first Filipino rap track song to contain beat boxing ANDREW E.


Known for his song “ bebot ”, a song from The Black Eyed Peas fourth album “ Bebot ” (babe or hot chick) is a rap song tribute to his childhood upbringing in the Philippines APL DE AP Allan Pineda Lindo aka Apl De Ap Filipino American rapper Member of the Black Eyed Peas

Bebot by Black Eyed Peas:

Bebot by Black Eyed Peas

Filipino Rap Groups:

Filipino Rap Groups Filipino rap groups started to spread in 1991 Bass Rhyme, formed by Andrew E’s crew Others were Rapi Boys and Rapasia Rap competitions were held by Andrew E.

Other Elements of Hip-Hop Culture:

Other Elements of Hip-Hop Culture Graffiti and turntablism also started during the Golden years of Filipino Hip-Hop music - New York style of graffiti art - turntablism was given recognition Underground rapping in the Philippines - Fliptop battle


Conclusion Various Filipino Artists made an important role in the increased popularity of the Hip-hop/rap scene in the Philippines.




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