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Easter Vocabulary:

Easter Vocabulary

Easter Sunday:

Easter Sunday Easter is in the spring. Spring is the season of new beginnings. In 20 12 , Easter is on Sunday, April 15 .


Church Easter is a religious holiday. Some people celebrate by going to church.


Dinner Many families prepare a large meal on this special day. Ham dinners are popular on Easter.

New Clothes:

New Clothes People like to wear new clothes on Easter. Females often wear dresses with floral prints and pretty hats.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs Children color eggs by dipping them in cups of dye. After they color the eggs, they put them in baskets.

Easter Baskets:

Easter Baskets Easter baskets are filled with grass. The grass keeps the eggs from breaking.

Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Egg Hunt Parents hide the eggs in the backyard. When their children wake up on Easter, they look for the eggs and put them in their Easter baskets.


Lilies White lilies represent new life. They look beautiful, and they smell wonderful.

Easter Bunny:

Easter Bunny Many bunnies are sold around Easter. Bunnies are baby rabbits.

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