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Tips and Tricks for Oily and Dry Skin Types

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Oily Skin Skin that produces high levels of sebum is considered oily. People with oily skin tend to have enlarged pores and, due to the bacteria oil attracts, are prone to breakouts. Stress, hormone levels and certain medications can cause oily skin , but genetics play big role in your skin type too. Thanks parents!

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What to do: Daily 1. You know that crazy method where people with oily skin use oil cleansers to help calm sebum production? It works. Oil cleansers break down the sebum on your face like no other. Try cleansing with sweet almond oil to help clear your pores. 2. Take toning down to a few times a week, rather than every day. Most toners can be harsh and dehydrating for your oily skin. Toners are meant to shrink pores, restore the skin’s pH and provide protection, all good things! We don’t want to defeat toner’s purpose by using one with bad ingredients. Skin care products with high levels of alcohol are also too harsh and can be dehydrating for the skin. This will cause your skin to overcompensate and produce even more oils to balance out the moisture lost while toning. When you do reach for a toner, try a non-alcoholic one like good ol ’ witch hazel .

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Dry Skin Signs of dry skin are pretty apparent: slightly rough in appearance and to the touch, flakiness, tightness maybe even itchiness. If you’ve got dry skin you know the importance of maintaining moisture levels year around.

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How to Deal Stick to a mild, gentle cleanser that won’t further irritate or dry out your skin . 2. Try this amazing face tea as a toner after cleansing. It’s got awesome healing and anti-bacterial properties . 3. Before moisturizing for the night, add in a serum and eye cream to help restore the skin and lock in moisture.

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