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Are you looking for the reliable car detailers in Perth, WA, for a mobile detailing service, car wash services or Automatic car wash services? Then drop your car today @ our workshop for professional and detailing services at affordable prices!


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Egy Wash opened in 2008 in Perth after realising there was a need for a car detailing and wash service that offered quality work for cheap prices. After witnessing many people spending their much valued time and energy washing their car themselves in self-service car washes – not knowing what proper chemicals or techniques they should use “ Egy Wash saw the need for a cheap alternative that offered fantastic service and expert knowledge for just a slightly higher price than those where you have to do the hard work yourself! Egy Wash has expert equipment and uses only the finest quality car cleaning products to care for your car whether you come in for a quick car wash or a full detail. About us

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Many people incorrectly consider detailing as a deluxe washing service, when in fact is anything but that. Washing usually involves a quick water, rise and polish service of your car's exterior whereas detailing usually consists of a complete, top to bottom meticulous service; cleaning the many aspects of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The chemicals we use are not harsh like the ones automatic car washing services use and with a hand wash we are able to give you a more thorough service. Washes are also a generic service that can not focus on the areas of your individual car's specific needs. Hand car washing ensures that you car is cared for as an individual vehicle - making sure we get all the spots where you car may need extra special attention and care. Hand washing is safer for your car and the most through method. Regular hand washing also protects you car's finish as many factors such as the weather and bugs, dirt, contaminates, etc can eat away at your car's coat.

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Contact US Rear of 950 Albany Highway East Victoria Park (Behind the Car Yard) Call us at: 0450 006 009

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